Comeback heart— #griefheart number 266

From Anne Moss: Michael is a thoughtful young man who attended a special needs school. He has mood disorder, sleep disorder a learning disability and has suffered from suicidal thoughts. With a lot of perseverance, he has worked his way up to being a manager at a restaurant and he sent this picture and a the narrative.

by Michael Widuch

On Monday October 30th, 2017, I started to come back to emotionally naked after drifting away for some time. I started on the article where I last read which was “CareTalks Presentation Video.”

I felt Anne Moss Rogers …

One reason to live

by Tamara Rollinson

tamara rollison
Tamara Rollinson

I remember when the Netflix series came out, “13 reasons Why.” I didn’t get past the preview, thinking I had enough real-life tragedy and wasn’t interested in immersing myself in such a sad story, regardless of the overarching messages it may have had.

I know death

I know what it is like to find the father of my child – my husband of years ago – dead from an overdose. Suicide was cause of death.


I know what it is like to whisper in my teenage son’s ear as he lies in … Read more...

What is it like to suffer from addiction?

by Missy S.

From Anne Moss: Missy is a friend from way back. She had surgery and became unwittingly addicted to the pain medication prescribed. There were many years of shame and humiliation and I recall how terrible I felt for her–especially after Charles’ death. I knew her family was suffering and the added shame and gossip made it that much harder. While I didn’t suffer addiction, Charles did, and I felt that judgement by association. She is in recovery. Thanks to the love of her family, who never abandoned her. 

For so many years addiction and depression has been … Read more...

Grief over loss of a child can tear a family apart

by Lloyd Braswell

Matthew Braswell

My story is long and has lots of painful components.

My daughter, Kaitlin was born with special needs that were never diagnosed and she lived only thriteen months. I thought her death would be my greatest pain. It was devastating, but my son’s death was even harder.

I am a pastor.  My family and I lived in Durham, NC where I served a church for twelve years before I was called to a church near Richmond, VA. At that time my oldest son, Matthew, was beginning his senior year in high school. Our son Read more...

Battle Scars

by Paul Buskey

We don’t know as we go through life, how often we may or may not impact someone else. But our daily interactions, no matter how brief, can actually change a life and make a difference. I want to tell you a story about what happened and how it impacted my life.

I live in Richmond and was visiting New York with my family when I saw a young lady with noticeable scars. I stopped because I recognized what those scars were from and I walked up to her and directly referenced them but not in the way … Read more...

How I keep myself safe

by Jamie Smith

If you know me, you know that I’ve only shown you what I want you to see, mostly happy stuff with some dark stuff sprinkled in, but not too much. And only a little a time.

Sometimes my feelings are so heavy that it is hard to breathe. During these times, I may try to reach out by text, phone or email.

It may not be clear by words that this is what I’m doing, but after some small talk, I may bring up something deeper. Please know this is huge for me as my natural tendency … Read more...

Putting love first will help our communities recover

by Tom Bannard

I want to tell you a little bit about my father. My father is a quiet, consistent loving man, who has been teaching for the last 48 years and doesn’t show any signs of loving it any less. My father, more than any other person, led me to recovery.

A little more than ten years ago, I sat across from him at the kitchen table. Due to my addiction, I had just been arrested on felony charges, I was in serious personal danger, and I had dropped out of school. All this had transpired in less than … Read more...

JHW Foundation and Collegiate Recovery

by Roz Watkins, Founder, JHW Foundation 

JHW Foundation was founded in memory of John Henry Watkins who died from overdoes

From Anne Moss: JHW Foundation is located in Richmond, VA and I met Roz shortly after Charles died when she asked me to lunch. That’s the first time I heard about JHW foundation. So I thought I would share the impact this organization has had on collegiate recovery.

JHW Foundation funds collegiate recovery and initiatives to help prevent overdoses and other drug-related deaths, while working to help reduce the stigma surrounding substance use disorder and by improving access to treatment.… Read more...

Goodbye normal life

by Christine Dudek

I wish I had the words to describe the deadness that occupies the places in me where other things once lived – -things like humor.

It seems like I have a sense of humor at times but everything is shallow. The depth that I used to experience and feel is gone. Pain is what I feel deeper and more often than any other feeling. I feel that even more than I feel love.

I swear sometimes the miss, and the sorrow, and the regret are so deep that my bones ache.

Bone sad.

I hate being still …

The war on grief

by Jon Farrow

war on grief

They say that the grief process for someone who loses a loved in a car accident or to suicide is very similar. The correlation being the unexpected loss, the inability to prepare for the unthinkable, the sudden stop of life that leaves you with whiplash.

I lost my Mom to cancer when I was 6 years old

Even then, seeing my Mom in the hospital frail and fragile, I knew it wasn’t good. I didn’t know what death meant at the time, but I knew it was forever. I knew if I lost my Mom I would … Read more...