Did you know there is an opiate vaccine?

heroin-vaccineThis is a vaccine. Not Vivitrol. I had no idea until Stas Novitsky of the Mcshin Foundation told a group of us about the heroin vaccine at the screening of a documentary about the heroin epidemic in Virginia.

We are in the worst addiction crisis ever.

People are dying every day in record numbers from this disease and the most promising vaccine for drug addiction ever is stalled.

Aside from the number of moms who will live with grief for the rest of our lives as a result of losses we have suffered in this crisis, it is costing our … Read more...

You are great parents


You have a child who is abusing or addicted to drugs. You have reached the end of your rope and your wallet. Your own health is declining and your emotional health is waning.

Your life is in chaos

You’ve dropped everything to run to the rescue multiple times.

You want to fix this.

This one is for the parents who have tried to help, have done everything, only to realize that nothing you have done has helped change your child’s behavior.

You are used up and you have decided to let go.

This is the hardest place in the world


We sold a car for a hug


Richard, my oldest, originally got this hand-me-down car from my Dad. It’s a 1999 Toyota Avalon with 120,000 miles on it. Top of the line in 1999.

Richard dropped it off for inspection when he drove up from NC and the amount of work needed to be done exceeded the value of the car. He was crestfallen. He loved that car. The mechanic suggested selling it on Craigslist for parts as the engine would be worth something.

When my friend Julie generously offered to sell us her 2008 Nissan Altima with 115,000 miles for a song, we couldn’t see … Read more...

So what was Charles thinking up until he took his own life?


It’s been over a year and piece by piece I am getting the picture of what Charles was thinking those last days. Where he went. Why he did it. How he felt. This one has been churning in my head like a hamster wheel. So I have to let it out.

He was supposed to go with a group of others to the west end of Richmond around the end of May 2015. He had been living at a house with others suffering from heroin addiction and they stuck together like family. A friend of his said he refused to go with … Read more...

Who is to blame for the opiate crisis?


During the course of this opiate and drug epidemic, I’ve heard several opinions on whose to blame. Here are the arguments and my take on them.

In all honesty, this epidemic is the result of a perfect storm of many factors that came together and allowed it to explode into the tragedy it is today. It will take decades to unwind from it. My son Charles was a casualty of this epidemic–a young man that suffered from depression and addiction and ultimately died by suicide.

The doctors

Argument: The doctors started using that chart for patients to rate pain and giving pain medication like … Read more...

Facebook LIVE: Let’s talk about Recovery Options

Video here (For some reason embed code is not available): https://www.facebook.com/annemossrogers/videos/10210417552692184/


Chris Baker, my guest, has the perspective of someone in recovery who is a house manager of a sober living house which offers a unique perspective of what’s working and what’s not.

Did you know?

  1. Jobs Program in Richmond, VA: Caritas program for those in recovery for job training. It’s free. There are empty seats. It’s called WORKS. Chris recommends
  2. Stas Novitsky from McShinn Foundation
    • Recovery high School: Stas Novitsky. Fully accredited. 9 students graduated in 2015. Contact McShin if interested
    • Vaccine for heroin and fentanyl addiction? (more coming

Suicide and the opiate crisis. Why aren’t we talking about it?

One thing I hear little of in mainstream media is how many suicides this opiate crisis has triggered. Many of the people suffering substance abuse disorder (addiction) also suffer a mental illness such as anxiety, bipolar or depression.

Throw drug abuse in there with a mental illness, and chances of suicide increase dramatically.

We hear a lot in the media about overdoses and we should be. We have a record breaking epidemic of them.

But what about the suicides triggered by drug addiction or withdrawal?How many of those overdoses are really suicides? How many take their lives in some other way as a … Read more...

What things in your home have abuse potential?


So many things that you have in your house have abuse potential.

If you live with pre-teens, teens, a drug abuser or an addict, it’s best to know what items in your home have abuse potential. These are just a few that we had experience with.

Kids will “skim” medicines. That means they’ll take one or two pills out of your prescriptions so you don’t notice. Or they will claim their own stimulant medicine “ran out” when in fact they sold it. Many kids taking stimulants don’t seem to be interested in abusing that one in particular. I know Charles did not because … Read more...

Would you ask someone with a heart condition to pray their way out of it?


You wouldn’t ask a diabetic to pray for more insulin, so why would you ask someone with a chemical imbalance in their brain to deny themselves the medication or treatment they need? Why make someone feel guilty for taking medication that literally keeps them alive and functioning?

The brain, like the heart, is a major organ that sometimes needs medical intervention. Mental illness, addiction and suicide are not moral failings. They are illnesses or the result of one.

Oftentimes, those who suffer depression or some other mental illness are encouraged to pray their way out of it. Still others imply that this was God’s way … Read more...

Heroin writes me a letter back


Dear Anne Moss,

I got your letter. You said you f-ing hated me but I could care less.

I am heroin, the most powerful drug in the world.

I am so entrenched in your culture, it will take decades to undo the damage. Your son was just another casualty. I don’t even remember him. How could I? I’ve killed millions, ruined millions of lives and torn apart families.

I have more control over your loved ones than you ever had. You have no control over me and it’s so pathetic to watch you try.

What’s more, I keep changing in both form and … Read more...