Can a blog save lives?

I made this page as my “book of wins” so I can come to it in moments of distress, grief, or frustration and remind myself why I do what I do. Because sometimes I lose someone close enough that I question myself or feel what I do doesn’t matter.

After losing my son, Charles, to suicide, I decided to use digital marketing skills I once used to get plumbers more leads online to reach those googling ways to die. As far as I know, I’m the only one in the world, or at least the first one, doing this work successfully. This is an innovative intervention practice based on content marketing concepts that have shown remarkable results for saving lives by making a personal digital connection. This is not AI but more like internet empathy.

This is the SEO strategy I used to intercept people who were feeling at their worst. I really just want people to know that in a vast and uncaring world, someone does care. And someone is willing to listen. So one of the ranked how-to pages is here but the headline can be triggering.

These are comments I’ve gotten from several articles, many of which relate to a specific way to kill oneself. I do not provide directions but resources. Over 30 articles rank worldwide and I’ve been able to see which resources put time between thought and action. People struggling do click on the hotlines, the books, videos, and more on the pages. They also follow breadcrumbs to learn more about my son, Charles, who died by suicide in 2015.

Tiffany was a 7th grader at this time.
suicide prevention speaker
preventing suicide through social media
Note from Becca

“Doing better” messages

These comments are from people who were in a very dark place, looking up a way to kill themselves and years later come back to say they are doing better. I so appreciate these status updates.

Doing better from Graham

Who is Anne Moss Rogers?

Like many of us, she has experienced the harshest reality of the world and all of the ugliness it has to offer. What sets her apart from most is, instead of allowing her many heartaches to taint or harden her heart like it has so many others, she has chosen to turn tragedy into the trajectory, loss into love, pain into purpose, and has dedicated her life to helping mend the broken…

She knew I and others like me would find her page when googling “how to” followed by something suicide-related. But instead of helping with suicide, it offers hope.

The night that I stumbled across her page, I was tired of all the evil in the world. My situation at the time combined with layers of trauma and chronic depression was the perfect storm to land me there. I sat there with my husband’s freshly sharpened hunting knife and I was going to end it. But first… I wanted to make sure to leave a letter to make my family understand that I was not doing this as a means to escape or because I was cowardly but to protect them. So I googled for inspiration and there I found Anne’s page. (see the whole letter here-pdf)

mental health speaker turns grief into action
Comment from YouTube. An update from a teen who was suicidal the year before.
After a year, this young lady came back to update me on her progress.
“perfection steals some my identity as a person”

Messages that validate reaching out does work

Young man decides not to fill an oxycodone prescription after finding out it can be addictive

My friend, Don, tweeted this post. A teen saw it and told his oral surgeon he didn’t want opiate painkillers after his wisdom teen removal

Here are some blog posts from people who have searched online and found this blog:

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