How I forgave myself for not taking Charles’ last call

Trigger warning: Strong Emotional Content.  

I have so many memories of Charles and 99.9% of them are amazing and most of the memories are of him just trying his best to put a smile on my face and get a little giggle out of me, which he would never fail to do. He was so special and he was my best friend and I loved Charles.

But there is one memory that sticks in my mind and bothers me a lot. I’m slowly learning how to deal with the emotions that come up when I talk about this subject … Read more...

Thank you to my parents for loving me through my addiction

In the picture above: Tiffani’s dad on the left. The pic on the right shows her grandmother, brother, sister, Tiffani and her mom. One of her siblings at bottom of article.

Dear Mom and Dad, This letter to you is long overdue, and it took me a while to build the courage to write this to you two. First off, I want to thank you. Thank you for always being there and picking me up when I fell down.

You’ve invested so much time, sweat, pain, tears, and money trying to fix my mental health and addiction. You tried so … Read more...

My addiction landed me at Rikers Island

My addiction landed me at Rikers Island

I lived on an island. On this island there were no tropical palm trees, beautiful resorts, or restaurants. This is the island I lived on for a year when I just turned 21 is called Riker’s Island which is a penitentiary.

During my active addiction I was desperate for money and was hanging around the wrong crowd and did something I am very ashamed of. I committed a felony which cost me a year of my life. I remember getting sentenced in the court room and it was the day before my moms birthday may 19 2017, and as I … Read more...

Depression and addiction do not discriminate

Trigger warning: Suicide method mentioned briefly

On the left: When I was using. On the right, me in recovery.

As I’m writing this, I have tears falling down my face. I lost my best friend, Charles Rogers, to suicide while he was withdrawing from opiates. It’s been a little over three years since Charles died and it still eats me up inside till this day that I missed his call before he died by hanging.

We lost another good friend, one of Charles best friends, Mike Stewart, who also died. They pulled the plug after an unfortunate accident and we … Read more...