Surviving my son’s suicide with depression

by Gray Maher

It has been 6 years since my only child, Whitten, died by suicide. I am still seeing a grief therapist every 5-6 weeks. When I started seeing her, I was still in shock. I had barely started to process what had happened and what it would mean for my life. A dear friend got me in to see her, because she knew that if I didn’t get help, things could go very badly for me.

Surviving suicide is considered traumatic grief and is more complex than most. Losing a child is also considered traumatic grief. And all … Read more...

Whitten and Me

by Gray Maher

Whitten Maher

What an easy, adorable baby.  A sensitive, angelic little boy. We tried so hard to give him siblings but they were not to be. We would do our best for our only child, and I would wait for grandchildren.

Whitten and I were very close when he was little and spent all our time together. He was my buddy.

A smart, witty teenager.  A kind and serious young man. An over-thinker. A lonely philosopher.  A gay man who came out to us at 21.

It was a nonevent in many ways. I had known since … Read more...