And you worry about that?

How many times since Charles’ death, have I thought that?

Back in September, I went through security at LaGuardia in New York, and as I walked through the scanner, the TSA employee said I’d need to be searched. The little visual indicated that the search would be in a delicate area. read more

Honor your Loved one. Emotionally Naked SUD Memorial Shirt

XS-3XL, Blue, White, Gray. Unisex and Women’s Slim fit. Shirts and sweat shirts are here.

I am doing t-shirts and sweat shirts to remember lost loved ones who died from Substance Use Disorder. It is any death related to addiction including overdose, accidents, death from read more

Dear Mike, I know you’ve joined Charles

Michael Alexander Berges Stewart
Michael Alexander Berges Stewart

When I saw 12:48am on my phone with your mom’s name on it, I knew there had been a tragedy.  She was one of the first people to call me after Charles’ suicide three years ago and I never wanted her to be in this club, too.

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Are you ready to be emotionally naked in public?

People search in google when they want information. Sometimes they type in, “my son died from overdose,” or “kill myself after my daughter’s suicide,” “my girlfriend killed herself,” “I relapsed and no one loves me,” “bipolar suicide read more

Depression and addiction do not discriminate

by Tiffani Borello

Trigger warning: Suicide method mentioned briefly

On the left: When I was using. On the right, me in recovery.

As I’m writing this, I have tears falling down my face. I lost my best friend, Charles Rogers, to suicide while he was withdrawing from opiates. It’s been a little over three years since Charles died and it still eats me up inside read more

Viewing parties TEDxGraceStreetWomen Dec 8, 2018

Didn’t get a ticket to TEDxGraceStreetWomen? Here are several viewing parties around Richmond, Virginia.

TEDx Viewing Parties

On December 8, 2018, you can see the event live streaming at

How to host a viewing party!

TEDxGraceStreetWomen sold out very quickly!  We have had several inquiries about our Viewing Parties. read more

Why did I ignore the one thing that was working for me?

When Charles admitted he had an addiction to an opiate, my attendance at support group had lapsed.

Because the house was going on the market in the spring, every minute was needed to get the house in shape to sell.  Chaos had moved back into our lives and my instincts were telling me we’d read more

How parents can prevent drug abuse and addiction

Adapted from a presentation

Even if your child is not predisposed to addiction or drug abuse, one of his or her friends is likely to be. Creating a culture of prevention starts in your home. These are just a few steps to minimize the risk in your family.

This is not a “cure” for those who have read more