Culturally specific therapists

I’m often asked for gender, culture, or ethnic-specific therapists. I know it makes a difference but I often don’t have an answer. This list is so those who have a specific ethnicity can find a therapist that understands your culture. Given recent protests, it’s more important than ever to seek help if you need it.

Source: This list from Araya Baker, writer for Teen Vogue.


Recording of Emotionally Naked with Ryan Hampton

  • Shame keeps those in addiction sick and using
  • Ryan’s mom did set boundaries. He was not allowed in the house. No dropping off money or paying rent. Those were her boundaries.
  • She was always a phone call away. Always would listen no matter how absurd his conversation. Allowed him to vent and encouraged him to get help. Always willing to be there. Took him meals, met him for lunch. Always let him know he was loved and there to help him find recovery 
  • Recommends looking locally for treatment. Don’t go for Vacation Riviera setups. Ask to talk

I’ll give you this cupcake if ….

If you leave me a review, I give you this cupcake. That’s if you read my book, of course. The rest of you can just buy one if you have not already. You see, we new authors need those reviews. They are so important. So yeah, I’m offering a cupcake. A picture of a cupcake, actually.

Imagine what this would look like if I tried to mail it to you especially since it’s so warm here. But a picture of this cupcake! What a prize. That’s better than a trip to the Caribbean. It’s not like you can’t google one … Read more...

7 steps to finding purpose

Some event in your life has forced you to take stock of yours. Now you are in a desert with no compass and wondering, “Which way do I go?” Finding purpose is how you add meaning to your life. And it can be a business venture, passion project, or social justice pursuit. These are the steps I took to find my purpose and I hope it helps you find yours.

1. Have faith you will find it.

You want it. It will present itself to you and then you can shape it like cookie dough.

2. Identify your passion.

What …

Virtual Turning Pain into Purpose Recording

speaker for drugs and addiction

Click here to see the recording of the above event.

And for more drug, mental health, and suicide prevention educational events from Johnny’s Ambassadors, visit here. These GoToWebinars allow you to attend with more anonymity than zoom meetings or live events.

Since they are a nonprofit, here is the donation link. Laura also lost her son to suicide as a result of drug use. Laura’s story is below.


5 Ways to Cope with an Unsettled World

Robert E. Lee, Confederate General statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond VA

Some of you will look at this picture and be very angry that this statue was vandalized.

Others will see it as a beautiful expression of anger and pain that has long been bottled up.

COVID-19 hit us like a blunt force trauma, stunned some of us into isolation and others onto a frenzied front line. That was followed by the senseless death, or murder, of an African American man named George Floyd at the hands of police.

A lot of people have asked, “Why did this … Read more...

What if the opioid epidemic got the same amount of attention?

Covid-19 hit and the world stopped.

But a deadly epidemic has been raging for nearly a decade with millions of lost lives. Even since this virus hit, opioid overdoses and deaths have increased. After seeing the numbers go down, that’s been a devastating change. Those who struggle with substance use disorder have also died by suicide overall increasing deaths of despair.

The isolation has been deadly. Face-to-face support fell apart and for a lot of people, hope went with it.

The camaraderie between doctors, researchers have been unprecedented for Covid-19. Yet we don’t have nearly the data or working relationships … Read more...

Beautiful things come from a broken heart

crushed heart
Broken up heart

Tour art museums, libraries, bookstores, and music stores and a lot of what is created is the result of pain. Grief, a breakup or other tragedy inspires people to write amazing books, paint beautiful music, make incredible speeches.

What will come from your broken heart? The tragedy you experienced, the darkness you have endured, the addiction you have fought to find recovery, all have meaning. It has a message that you should not carry alone but share through whatever creative means you want to express it.

You can create something from your pain. Because even a life … Read more...

Who do I have to thank

This is my acknowledgment page from my book. It’s who helped me get it published.

This is my first book and was both a labor of love and therapy for my grieving soul. Writing it was agony at times but growth and self-discovery was more than worth the tears invested. I began writing it in my head the day after my son killed himself because the story stalked me and wouldn’t let go. Prior to typing the first word, my tribe at Emotionally Naked ( encouraged me to write a book; it was one thousand blog posts and two and … Read more...

Don’t revoke belonging

Sometimes we think this approach pressures a loved one into compliance. But I’ve learned from experience that it does just the opposite. Consider our loved ones with mental illness or substance misuse. Pushing them away from the love of family leaves them feeling untethered, unsupported, ashamed, resentful, and rejected. And what does that do?

Our loved ones need to know we’ll meet them wherever they are and love them even if we don’t agree with where they are in their journey. It doesn’t mean letting someone with addiction use us like a doormat and allowing them to abuse or steal … Read more...