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Anne Moss Rogers wants to foster a “culture of connection” to help prevent suicide. Being selected as the 2019 recipient of the YWCA’s Pat Asch Fellowship for Social Justice will help her achieve that goal……..

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A Toastmasters story to warm your heart

A story shared by W Joseph Stegner

A snippet of Joseph’s poem. Link to the entire poem at the bottom of the post.

“Anne Moss Nimocks Rogers, I had occasion to share copies of your blog post, which includes “Be Like a Phoenix,” tonight, at San Leandro Toastmasters. A fellow artist within the club reached out on Facebook, expressing her need and request for help, with all the classic cues to the proximity of the edge she was on the verge of surrendering to.

Thanks to a friend and fellow Toastmaster, Stephen Dolgin, he saw the post … Read more...

It’s not personal

“Hit the bong and drift off
Oh I love the lift off,
wish I could put all the drugs behind
But I’m not ready for that at this time
Cause I can’t imagine life without the high
Even tho I could sit in a bathtub
for all the times I‘ve made my mother cry

She help me in her tummy for 9 months
And I repaid her with lies and lighting blunts
And I spit on her gift of life by trying to die once.”
—Lyrics: Out of Reach, by Charles Aubrey Rogers

When my son started using drugs and …

Is your teenager prepared for the college transition?

I don’t think our educational system does a great job of preparing students for this. Colleges make a lot of effort but we as parents get caught up in the excitement and buying bedding and other dorm decor and our own emotions, we forget how they might feel.

So think about it from their standpoint for a moment. They’ve had the same set of friends for twelve years and now they are headed somewhere new with few people they know. They have to do everything on their own–laundry, buy books, find classes, follow a schedule and manage a calendar. Oh … Read more...

How does Richard answer, “Do you have any siblings?”

1 minute 14 second video

This one minute video shows how Richard answers the question, “So how many brothers or sisters do you have? It illustrates the awkwardness of the question when you are a 26-year-old single guy in Los Angeles, California.

Charles suffered from addiction and depression and died by suicide but that’s more information than Richard is prepared to share with another young adult he doesn’t know very well.

Helpful Article: Sibling Suicide Survivors: The “Forgotten Mourners”

Richard on the left. Charles on the right.

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The difference between teen angst and mental illness

Since Adolescence is often the onset of mental illness it can be difficult to discern from the typical behavior of the age group. A certain amount of moodiness and risk-taking is expected since teens think of themselves as invincible.

Prior to tenth grade, Charles was a joiner and then stopped being as engaged in drama and school clubs around tenth grade. Little by little there was one more clue and I would make an excuse to myself that everything was OK even though my gut was screaming at me. We did seek help and we didn’t get good help, unfortunately. … Read more...

Tara offers a testimonial and a personal story of her own

When I tell my story, others in the audience are inspired to tell theirs. And that’s the conversation and connection I want to happen.

You never know who in the audience is touched by mental illness, substance misuse or both. Most everyone has someone in their life effected by either one.

And when I speak, oftentimes people in the audience tell us stories they’ve never told anyone. Tara has actually tried to talk about her best friend with others. But conversation about the friend she wants to remember is often met with disdain and judgement because we don’t understand suicide. … Read more...

Do any of you have suggestions?

I tend to do really well with women’s groups. If you have a suggestion of a conference that hires keynote speakers or would be a good conference that pays expenses and might be a good one to get referral gigs?

Looking for suggestions, introductions, leads. If you have ever done planning and want to tell me what event planners are looking for in terms of topics, I’d love to hear that, too. Do leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Professional speaker site is at this link where you’ll see the topics.

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In memory of Christopher Baker, a wonderful human being

Memory page for Chris, June 10, 1980 – June 2, 2019

Randy: “Hi. My name is Randy Rogers and I am calling you to find out if any of the guys in the recovery house need to make some money because we need some landscaping done.”

Lee: “Yeah. There’s a guy named Chris. Come by on Saturday and I’ll introduce you.”

My husband, Randy, goes to the recovery house where Lee is house manager. This was where Charles lived for a single day before his relapse and ultimate suicide. Instead of the 19-year-old named Chris that Lee told us … Read more...

When the world says give up, hope whispers

This is one of lines in Charles’ lyrics.

And on the occasion of his fourth death anniversary, I wanted to start with that. He died by suicide June 5, 2015, the worst day of my life. By comparison even a death anniversary will never feel as awful and unbearable as that day. And for that, I am grateful.

There are times I feel like giving up. Not on life but this cause. And then I ask myself, “So what else do you want to do?” There really isn’t anything else I want to do. By next year I need … Read more...