Desperation breeds vulnerability

Everyone is a bit panicked, uncertain, anxious, and some are holding on to their mental health for dear life during this pandemic. And if you are not feeling like this, then a friend or relative you know probably is.

When we feel desperate and stressed, we are at our most vulnerable and tend to make decisions based on fear and not practicality or science. That makes us targets for scams, schemes, and making rash decisions, and irrational desperate moves because our thought processes are compromised.

You may have noticed more emails from companies that tell you your account is in … Read more...

Get a personalized signed copy

“Months later, I am still feeling the effects of Diary of a Broken Mind….I lost my own son to suicide 15 years ago, and although I have read so many books about this kind of loss, nothing has touched me as deeply as this.” —-Mea

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Will meds make me a zombie?

If you’ve ever watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” you see the worst-case scenario of what the wrong mix of psychiatric medication can do. This horror story has frightened more human beings out of much-needed medication than any movie ever made.

It was my son Charles’s fear that antidepressants would rob him of his creativity and strip him of his personality. At one time in our history, this was often the case. Today’s medication, however, is prescribed with the intention to help a person live as normal a life as possible. And as most who live with mental illness … Read more...

COVID-19 pledge

The safety of our tribe members and employees remains our top priority at Emotionally Naked. Except that we don’t have employees but that’s beside the point because I want this pledge to sound exactly like all communications you have received of late in your inbox from t-shirt to light bulb companies.

Hundreds of companies have sent you links to the CDC COVID-19 Pandemic page because you are so anxious you cannot possibly find those resources by yourself. (CDC= Center for Disease Control in the US)

As concern for the Coronavirus grows, we will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation … Read more...

How to talk to kids about COVID-19

It’s important to invite kids to ask questions and give them age-appropriate answers. If we don’t, then kids and teens will fill in the blanks with something far scarier. (Resource guides from credible sources are listed below.)

For example, when I explained my brain surgery to a three-year-old Charles in 1999, I don’t think I gave him the opportunity to ask more questions. Even after I explained it, he thought once I came home, the wound would be open, the brain exposed, and family members would have to take turns putting towels on my head to prevent losing all … Read more...

The feeling of eerie isolation

Isolation and I have met. We’ve spent years together. Because grief does that to a parent who has lost a child.

The weight of isolation for me was far worse when my son was struggling with substance misuse and later his addiction to heroin. It was off the charts after his death by suicide.

As the historic Coronavirus disrupts our lives and social interactions, all of us are getting a dose of unwanted but voluntary isolation in an effort to prevent overwhelming our healthcare system.

The difference between that isolation and this one is that I’m not alone. Almost the … Read more...

It’s hard to build resilience with so many referees


When I say we have too many referees I don’t just mean the ones in black and white striped shirts but referee parents, educators, and more.

I remember when play review was integrated into college basketball. I thought it would be amazing to have the ability to review every play in addition to the three referees. Certainly, it would make it more fair, right?

That first year we had it, the game got longer and we were robbed of the momentum and excitement in return. We learned that too much “refereeing” was not a good thing after all.

We spend …

Letters from students are treasures

I love talking to students. My favorite part is what they learn about themselves–the moment when I read what everyone is going through and when the students recognize their classmates are dealing with some serious issues.

The post-it note interaction is such a simple exercise. But the discoveries we make together are not. I’m always shocked by what I read on those notes.

What’s more, so are the students.

Social anxiety, rape, murdered siblings or parents, anorexia and more. Some of these kids have lost several loved ones in the space of a year and they carry that with them … Read more...

Submit your emotionally naked story

share your story

The emotionally naked crew wants your stories, not just mine. Have a loved one with mental illness, addiction or thoughts of suicide? Do you suffer from any of those yourself?

Is your anxiety through the roof and telling your story might help you work through that? Are you grieving and this pandemic is making your grief journey more complex?

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How I’m managing the stress of coronavirus

I wrote about mental health and this virus a few days ago. Without going all kumbaya on you, I wanted to share what I’m doing now so I don’t flip out about all this.

And by the way, how many emails do you have from major brands and organizations about this virus? Even from a t-shirt company. What is it about t-shirts that would qualify them to send me advice on the coronavirus?

1. I won’t stress about things that are beyond my control.

I can control how many door handles I touch, whether or not I use a … Read more...