What I put in my self-harm safety kit

by Ayushree

Note from Anne Moss: A self-harm safety box is a kit that a person puts together as a self-help strategy. This was sent to me by Ayushree and she details the contents of her safety box which she has so far found helpful in breaking her self-harm habit.

Self-harm safety box

To make my own self-harm safety kit, I took a shoebox, covered it in white paper and made doodles all over it. I didn’t write anything on it because otherwise, my mom would know.

Doodles are one of my hobbies and it helps me to relieve stress. I am sharing several of them here. I will try to make doodles whenever I am stressed out from now on because it calms me and distracts me from self-harming. (My wardrobe is like a canvas of doodles, too.)

Me and my dog

So here’s what’s in mine:

  • Some pictures of my dog and me
  • A few of my doodles
  • Rubber bands
  • Markers (a red one as suggested), sketch pens, and micro-pens I use for doodling
  • Cut-outs of traveling and clothes from magazines and newspapers
  • Birthday cards I got over the years
  • My headphones I use to listen to music
  • My list of alternatives to self-harm (doodle, write in my diary, play with my dog, help with the cooking, take a paper and destroy it)
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