The thing about failure

by Danny Gautama

Failure has the ability to become your enemy or your friend. If you let it become your enemy, you are giving it the power to stop you and make you quit.

It can discourage you, make you feel like you are a failure and then it sends the negative thoughts to take over the rest.

If you make failure your friend, then it can help guide you, help you learn and become a better version of yourself. Let it become a platform for your ultimate success and happiness.

Every champion in the world will experience failure, including you. But it is the efforts of trying over and over again with a determined, persistent and fighting heart, that you will rise above the darkness with your arms raised in the air.

The only real enemy is quitting

You are a talent. Use it.

Every one of us excels at something. But the ones, who are tenacious, will use it to their advantage. They will never give up because of knowing that they believe they can do it.

Never hide your secret powers. If there is something you are great at that you may want to make a living out of it, then do it. No one is going to stop you. As long as you are tenacious and hungry for challenges and thirsty enough to succeed, you will be unstoppable but more importantly unbreakable.

We as humans have the power to cope and endure so many hits and blows from life. Start to realize that you are in fact stronger than you think. There are no challenges, no stumbling blocks, no problems strong enough to make you quit. It is how you process such difficulties that will determine how far you can go.

You are a fighter

That’s what depression and anxiety want. They want you to quit. They want the power over you and your life.

All you need to do is make small improvements every day. Be better than you were yesterday.

Sincerely, Danny Gautama (The Fighter)
Twitter: @dannygautama

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    1. Thank you Dearest Leigh. Please stay safe. God bless you

      Thank you so very much Anne. God bless you and please stay safe as well.

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