I Hate Heroin

A poem by Daniel Hlawacz

heroin poem

Sometimes the cruel reality of life hits
That every moment is to be cherished as priceless
Wake up this morning but by the night we could be lifeless
The angel of death came calling to take away another nice kid
The fragile state we live our life in
We succumb to the deadly battles we can’t stop fighting
The disease of addiction is like clashing with a Titan
But somehow makes the path to death look enticing
Caskets filled with broken dreams
Mother emotionally coming apart at the seams
Questioning why the lord didn’t intervene
Why couldn’t someone hear her child’s screams

Isolation is where the sickness manifests
The struggle is something the disease wants to protect
Ashamed from the progression that leads us to inject
It lead us to sacrifice our self-respect
And even in the moments, we wish we died
The only light at the end of the tunnel when we’re getting high
We don’t think about the tears falling from our families eyes
With an accidental overdose as a self-inflicted suicide
You shoot dope you’re gonna die I gotta say it stern
Play with fire, you’re absolutely gonna get burned
Everybody’s dropping when are you gonna learn
Or are you so sick you’re impatiently waiting till it’s your turn
Hoping this shot will be your last
Telling who you’re getting high with to make sure they don’t bring you back
Too scared to take off your mask
You’d rather the world mourn for you while you peacefully pass

You don’t got a problem you don’t need help
You’ve been clean before you can do it for yourself
Pushing the attention off of you and projecting on everybody else
While everyone around you sees the drugs destroying your health
Let me get fifty dollars to pay my cell phone
Let me get a hundred to pay the rent before my mom gets evicted from her home
Just let me get a little bit of a loan
But that money went into their arm the second they were alone
I only slipped up once or twice
It’s not like I’m doing it every night
Let me borrow a few dollars so I can get right
And I promise I’ll head right to detox I swear to god on my life

Only to never see them again
I’m sick and tired of burying my friends
Seeing families that will never mend
My hearts breaking wondering when this fucking epidemic is gonna end
I hate funeral homes I fucking hate wakes
I hate seeing caked-on makeup on my friend’s face
I’m tired of telling sick people I care about to stay safe
Wondering if their next escape will place them in front of heavens gates
It’s raining right now
Tears from fallen angels crying in the clouds
It’s like my whole generation is looking down
Watering the cemeteries where their bodies lay in the ground
It’s easier to throw the mask on cause I’m used to this
Numb to the pain and the damage from the drugs ruthlessness
Propaganda statistics say it’s getting better but I see no truth to this
What is this world gonna look like for the future of our kids
Mothers and fathers are gone
To the Sons and daughters, we mourn
Brothers, sisters, and friends caught in the storm
Heroin is leaving America torn
It started from Doctors over peddling prescription medicine
Like they were a Cartel Veteran
We just lost another man
Damn, I f–ing hate heroin

4 thoughts on “I Hate Heroin”

  1. Very deep bro!! Something in those words touched my soul!! I need help! I can’t do it alone I know this much!! I’m in a 10 ft hole and the only way I’m gonna get out is with a helping hand!! I’m in so deep I don’t know where to begin.

  2. Oh wow, he says it all. The pain in this is palpable. I’m overwhelmed by feelings right now so I can’t say too much more… Would it be OK to read this at my next support group meeting?

    1. hi jayne, this is the author of the poem, Daniel and yes jayne, read it as much as you want to and spread the word. make copies and hand them out. i didnt add punctuation which i shouldve. but its ok. in the words of spock, live long and prosper.

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