No words to describe the grief

by Kerri Jenkins Rhodes

William “Taylor” Rhodes

There really are no words to describe the pain of losing a child.

To wake up each day and find a way to get through it, to find a purpose for the pain, a way to give all the love you want to give to your loved one and to others that need it.

To find a way to make a life for yourself with a huge part of your heart missing.

Unfortunately too many of us are in this awful club. We will all survive this because one day we will meet our loved ones and I hope when I get to hold my son again he says, “Mom, I am so proud of all we did together in my name to help others, Thank you.”

Sisters, brothers, fathers and moms like Jenny Derr and so many others do this every day. They are warriors and the price for our wisdom and strength has been high.

In memory of William “Taylor” Rhodes who died of accidental overdose. Facebook page in his memory.

3 thoughts on “No words to describe the grief”

  1. My sweet dear friend Kerri Jenkins Rhodes. Thank you. Thank you for caring so much about my son and I. You continue to be a light that shines upon us as does Taylor. I know he walks with Demetrios everyday. You have touched us in ways indescribable- in your greatest pain you continue to show and share your love and Taylor’s spirit. It is no coincidence that every time I share space with my boy – on the phone , in person – he is reminding me of a Taylor memory or a feeling of joy shared with your beautiful boy. I love you more than words could ever convey. Thank you for continuing to lift us all up during your grief.

    1. MaryEllen Viglis,
      Taylor is walking with DJ and I am so proud of all he is doing to be in recovery and find his way. It is far from easy even when you want it more than anything. I can’t imagine not helping, and it gives the love I need to give Taylor a place to go. He loved your beautiful boy and I know DJ will do big things in the world. We are all on this journey together and there is much work to be done and plenty of people who need help. Sending you love dear friend.

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