Book is back from the editor

I met with my publisher today, Beach Glass Books, and got the thumb drive with the suggested edits. I liked a lot of her ideas so far. Both the publisher and editor feel the book will do well. How well? Who knows. I can’t even predict that.

At this point I have a really big list and two weeks to get it done. Yikes.

Deep breath. I can do this.

I need to go through it and make some decisions and then I have to get someone to do a final proofing. So it’s a proofing after the editing. Meanwhile, the publisher will also do that.

This person I have to find who proofs will have about a week and I need someone who is obsessive about spelling/grammar and can do it digitally. Given the timeline, I might need to pay someone although it would be in the hundreds. This is stressing me out because I’m not sure where to start since no one is on my radar.

Part of me wants to see this come out in hardback just to legitimize the book. If you come out in paperback, you don’t then track back and do hardcover. So if I don’t do it at the beginning, I’ll likely never see hardcover. The survey said paperback but my ego wants to see hardback. I have two weeks to decide that.

I think the first printing will be two thousand copies. How long that will take to sell is anyone’s best guess.

Final picture decisions, editing decisions, final subtitle decision, one more blurb for the back cover (who should that be?), a back page paragraph (I think I can pull this from my proposal), bio picture (I have plenty of those). What else? I forgot but I have a list and a full schedule in the next two weeks.

Then after that, we look into book cover. The one on the image below is made up for now.

Deep breath. I’m not going to panic. I don’t have time to freak out. It’s not on the schedule.

Let me know if you know an influential blogger with a good size audience who would be good to review the book prior to launch.

If you subscribe, you are in the running for a free advance copy. And I’ll also give away another one after the publish. Your odds of winning are good. If you are already subscribed, do share this with someone you think would be interested. You can also text to join. Text the word, Charles, to 66866. It will ask your first name and email. One space between the two.

The rubber hits the road starting now.

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AnneMoss Rogers

AnneMoss Rogers is a mental health and suicide education expert, mental health speaker, suicide prevention trainer and consultant. She is author of the Book, Diary of a Broken Mind and co-author of Emotionally Naked: A Teacher's Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk with Kim O'Brien PhD, LICSW. She raised two boys, Richard and Charles, and lost her younger son, Charles to addiction and suicide on June 5, 2015. She is a motivational speaker who empowers by educating and provides life saving strategies and emotionally healthy coping skills. As talented and funny as Charles was, letting other people know they matter was his greatest gift. And now that's the legacy she carries forward in her son's memory. Mental Health Speakers Website.

15 thoughts on “Book is back from the editor”

  1. Way to go Anne Moss. You can do it!!! I better get your autograph before you’re famous.

      1. No problem Anne! Not concerned about my article. Just sincerely excited about your book coming out and happy for you and your families. Keep inspiring!!!

  2. You’ve definitely got a lot of work to finish and in such a short time frame. Wow… Looking forward to it – don’t forget to come up and breathe oxygen every now and then.

  3. If I were not leaving the country for two weeks, and you had more time, I would proof it for you. I’m your girl for all things OCD and perfectionist tendencies….
    So excited for you!
    I can’t think of an appropriate blogger, but how about a celebrity who is invested in mental health? Is that too far a leap?

    1. Thank you gray. If I can get in the radar. Kevin Hines does take submissions so I can reach out to him. But for the next two weeks nose to the grindstone. I think I might have a proofer

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