Through the eyes of beautiful children!

by Danny Gautama

Life is such a fast-paced world. We go to work, school, pay bills, drive around and run errands. This is part of being an adult. But sometimes being an adult is overwhelming. Sometimes we need a break to just to bring out our inner child.

I love children and I love animals and with God’s grace I will one day have my own children. Children are soothing, calming and relaxing.

They are teaching us what living life to the fullest is all about. They bring us comfort, joy and happiness. Having eleven nieces and nephews all together is the best thing that has happened to me. They consider me a gentle giant and I relish every opportunity I am able to spend time with them.

Here are several things that I for one have learned from these extraordinary beautiful munchkins we call children.

1) Children have taught me to speak the truth.

Children see things as it is. They are being honest and open about how they are feeling at that very moment. They are not afraid to express themselves. This helps me to stand up for what I believe in and not have that anxious feeling of holding it in. The truth does set you free.

2) Children have taught me to live in the moment.

Children are not worried about the past and could care less about the future. They just live in that moment and focus on what they are doing at that time. I used to worry about the future and was depressed about the past. I live my life in compartments which means I focus on one thing and when that moment is done, I focus on the other. For example, when at work, I focus on that. To me this is what living life to the fullest means. Just live your best at that moment.

3) Children have taught me to laugh as much as I can.

When children laugh it is one of the biggest joys in my life. They are full of innocence and life. Laughing is a great way to relieve any kind of stress you are going through. Genuine laughing releases happy brain chemicals and you feel good.

A few of my friends and I recently saw the movie The Hangover after a long time and honestly, I laughed so hard my stomach muscles started to cramp. So laugh as much as you can folks, especially if you encounter problems because there are always solutions.

4) Children have taught me it is okay to cry.

Children cry when they are sad. They don’t hold it in or try to hide it. They are expressing themselves and they don’t care who is watching. We are taught that crying is a sign of weakness but I think it is the opposite. Crying is strength and power. Crying even helps you feel better. I have had my shares of cries over my struggles and I do not regret it one bit.

5) Children have taught me to be creative.

Children love to be creative. The way they draw, the way they play. If you give a kid playdoh or legos, just watch and observe what they can create.

I use this to create ideas or unique projects that I am working on. It’s like my inner child is feeding me these great ideas. So use your imagination because an idea can ultimately change the world.

6) Children have taught me to love and be affectionate.

Children are very loving and affectionate. They jump on you hug you, kiss you and say I love you. As I stated, children are very open about the way they feel and are very expressive. I have been loving ever since the day I was born. I just love. To me love is the biggest healer. I do not like shaking hands I love to hug people and rub their back to give them good energy.

7) Children have taught me not to care what others think.

Look at children for example. They are not worried about how to impress people or act differently than who they are. They are who they are and they don’t seem to mind that, so why should we? Being ourselves is the primary and most important step to self-acceptance.

8) Children have taught me to worry less and have more fun.

We get caught up with the what if in our life, that we let that rob us out of our happiness. Did you know 90 percent of the things we worry about do not happen and if the 10 percent that does happen, it is not as bad as you make it out be. So don’t make a mountain out of a molehill?

9) Children have taught me you can be any age and have a little play time.

I once went to Jackson Park in Windsor with a girl who I once dated. We walked through the park and it started to rain, but instead of running to the car we ended up cuddling on a bench and just embracing the moment and laughing it off, while we were soaking wet.

I felt like when I was small and I use to go outside in the rain and jump around. I still watch a good Disney cartoon movie or taking my nieces and going on the swings and slides with them. Nothing else matters at that moment. No problems and no worries.

10) Finally, Children have taught me to be fearless and happy.

They are not running and screaming if they see a mouse or a snake they would probably chase it. However children need to be taught what is the difference between being in a dangerous situation and what is being brave and valiant.

Quick story when I was in kindergarten, we had a pet Garter snake and all the kids loved it. Each day we each got a chance to take it home and when it was my turn I asked my parents if I can bring a friend over and they did not seem to mind.

So when I came home my Dad asked where my friend was and I replied he was in my school bag .My dad thought “WHAT”? I quickly took out the Garter snake and let’s just say my dad screamed so loud and was like take that outside.  I do not remember too much but I know this story because to this day my dad still tells people about it.So be fearless.If you are not in a dangerous situation, then the chances are you are creating this fear.

Children are generally happy kids. They like to do what they love and to them that is happiness. So do what you love and what makes you happy.

God bless you and take care.  Never give up, Keep moving forward, Believe in yourself, Be a legend.

Sincerely, Danny Gautama         Windsor, Ontario.

6 thoughts on “Through the eyes of beautiful children!”

  1. Such a beautiful reminder! I am reminded of these points when I spend time with my 2-year-old grandson.

  2. Danny, this is such a great reminder! Thank you. It also gives me fresh eyes with which to really see my grandchildren the next time we are together. ❤️

    1. Thank you Amy! I have other articles if you would like to read by typing my name on google. Love ,Danny

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