Ben’s poem

by Ben

Ben is a 17-year-old who suffers from depression and suicidal ideation and contributed this to emotionally naked to express how he feels. 

I wish I had a knife to carve this hollow soul,
something to make this life feel whole,
even when the world grows dull,
but even as dark as it seems,
these nightmares are dreamt like dreams

7 thoughts on “Ben’s poem”

  1. It can feel like you are slowly drowning, barely catching your breath for days on end. Keep breathing, keep reaching out, scream for help when you need to. Don’t give up searching for what helps you. It’s there. Sometimes it seems impossible to endure one more day, but the day will come when the cloud is lifted. The sun will shine and it will feel beautiful, because you have lived in the darkness. When one doctor, medicine, treatment doesn’t work try another and another. IT DOES GET BETTER! Hugs to you Ben.

  2. Never stop speaking from your soul Ben. As vulnerable as it may make you feel to utter the words that haunt you, it will heal you and heal others. Your honesty and bravery will, and is, making others feel less alone. Never be afraid to speak your feelings. ❤️

  3. So brave to speak such truth, and at such a young age. Stay with us Ben. You have much to offer, and so much life to enjoy despite the difficult hurdles.

  4. Ben I know the struggle is real but always remember you can’t be replaced and you are loved and needed. Thank you for sharing and you are not alone your voice needs to be heard for so many others.

  5. Ben, please keep writing. Your poetry is raw but beautiful and gives others a chance to understand your pain. Thank you for sharing with us…

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