Suicide Prevention event in Kathmandu, Nepal


Note from Anne Moss: Narendra Thagunna PhD is a suicide prevention activist in Nepal who has an annual event that I agreed to help him publish last year and repeating that effort this year. Nepal is not a wealthy country but somehow he has found a way to pull this conference together to educate and help the community prevent suicide. 

The School of Psychology Nepal (TSOP Nepal)

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When: 10 September 2018:
World Suicide Prevention Day Activities

Activity 1 – Outdoor Program

1. Walkathon
a. Time: 7am to 8.30 am
b. Route
Kathmandu: Maitighar – Bhadrakali – Shahidgate – Sundhara – Newroad – Basantapur
All 7 Provence headquarters

The Program objective is to be shared before starting walkathon. Different people representing different organization will participate on that rally.


  • Suicide Selfie
  • Byte Corner
  • Every individual will have the opportunity to address the closure ceremony
  • Ribbon distribution for walk

Activity 2 – Indoor Program

1. “Role of Media for Suicide Prevention in Nepal”
Time Duration: 2hrs (10am -12am)
Venue: Kathmandu
TSOP Nepal to sensitize and inform Journalists in suicide prevention and how journalists can well inform mass.
Program Details:


1. Dr. Narendra Singh Thagunna, Cross Cultural Psychologist, Suicide Prevention Activist
2. Dr.Usha Kiran Subba, Clinical Psychologist.

  • 25-30 journalists from renowned journals and newspaper will participate.
  • 10-15 recited each poem will be uploaded in our webpage and Youtube.
  • Byte Corner

2. National level open Art competition: “Working together to Prevent Suicide”

  • Last date of submission : 25 Aug 2018
  • Final Evaluation: 28 August 2018
  • Prize Distribution ceremony: 10 September 2018

3. National level Poetry Recitation Program: “Working together to Prevent Suicide”
Time Duration: 2hrs (10am -12am)
Venue: Kathmandu (Finalized later)

4 . Panel discussion on Mental Health Issues and Suicide Prevention

  • Time Duration: max. 2 hour (1-3PM)
  • Venue: 25 hour Tangal whood Kathmandu
  • Speakers: 3 speakers including Dr.Narendra Thagunna, ( Finalized on last week of August 2018)


1. 200-250 women and girls from different communities will participate.
2. Byte Corner

Activity 3 – Outdoor Program

4. Candle Light Tribute to deceased ones
a. Time: 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
b. Venue: All seven provinces( Finalized later.)

Program Details:
The program will be on 7 places of Kathmandu Valley and 7 provinces . The main focuses of the program is to remember all those dead people who die because of suicide last year.


5. Candle Light
6. Art ( Candle Art)
7. Byte Corner


1. TSOP Nepal
2. Psychedesk Foundation
Collaborating partners: (will be finalized on 28th Aug 2018)
Association of Psychologists in Nepal
Media Partners: (will be finalized on 28th Aug 2018)

For Details of the program
Dr Narendra Singh Thagunna
President, TSoP Nepal
9851205519 , 01-4107950

Jyotsna Dangi
Program Co-ordinator

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A cry for help for suicide prevention from Nepal

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