Charlottesville, VA: Proven system to help with PTSD

For military, veterans, and first responders and other sufferers of PTSD

This is Cynthia, founder of Mitchell Hash Foundation for suicide awareness. Started in honor of my son who served in the military and died by suicide.

Please join us for REBOOT Recovery, starting Aug 2nd for a weekly 6pm-8pm class for 12 weeks at Stony Point Ruritan Club, 2835 Watts Passage, Charlottesville VA 22911.

REBOOT Recovery is a 12-week, faith-based combat trauma healing course designed to address the spiritual and moral wounds of war, helping service members and their families rebuild character, community, and leadership.

Reboot Recovery has 100 locations and growing in U.S. and Australia – 3500+ Graduates since 2011 – 95% satisfaction among surveyed graduates.

  • It’s a spiritual and moral healing curriculum
  • Free dinner
  • Free admission
  • Includes your adult family members
  • Proven system to help PTSD

MitchellHashFoundation.com is co-sponsoring this program in Charlottesville!

We need your HELP (meals etc)! We need all your military and first responder friends to attend, so spread the word.

At REBOOT locations across the country, combat veterans are healing, marriages are being restored, substance abuse is decreasing, and ZERO of our 2,000++ participants have died by suicide.

Do this for the health of of healthy military families!


5 thoughts on “Charlottesville, VA: Proven system to help with PTSD”

  1. I too, am so sorry about your son. People are not aware and grateful enough of/for our military.
    I think this might also help with the PTS of being a suicide survivor.
    I suffered for over a year with it, after my son died.

    1. Thank you .. I hope you like, follow, share, and invite others to MitchellHashFoundation.com – helping one person at a time because of and despite our grief 🙂

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