Presenting at pediatric mental health conference on the ASQ

Dr. Lisa Horowitz, NIMH

It’s always such an honor to co-present with Dr. Lisa Horowitz, one of the architects of the ASQ suicide screening tool. As a follow up to that conference, I’m posting some of the links here to make it easy for participants to find the tools they need to implement this life-saving tool.

I hope members of my tribe here on Emotionally Naked will promote this tool and suggest it to your doctor. Dr. Abernathy has been using this tool for about three years now. You can see Dr. Horowitz’ Abernathy data here. 

ASQ Toolkit for implementing in medical practice
ASQ Screening page

CMHRC–Children’s Mental Health Resource Center 804-828-9897


These are handouts that Dr. Abernathy uses in his practice. He has combined his screening. So he uses two questions from the depression screening, two from the anxiety screening and the 5 questions from the ASQ suicide screening tool as an overall mental health screening tool.


1. Support Groups for Parents/Families
2. Crisis Lines Virginia
3. Parenting Tips for Building Resilience
4. Suicide resources page
5. Resources on Beacon Tree Page
6. All Resource pages on Emotionally Naked


These are the videos that Dr. Horowitz showed at the conference

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2 thoughts on “Presenting at pediatric mental health conference on the ASQ”

  1. The video reminds of my inner pain when I was younger in junior high. Though, no one knew I was sucidial during that time, I moved with the agony until I turned to Lord. There I was heard and comforted. I would recommend to the people with suicidal ideation turn to someone for help. Don’t let the pain overthrow your life. Turn the tides with a call for help. Everyone always needs help.

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