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I have been working with Dr. Vassileva and Dr. Conrod in Canada for 1.5 years to get this Preventure training to Richmond. This is the program that has been shown to reduce drug and alcohol use in schools by 30-80% at three year follow up.

The intervention was included in the landmark surgeon general’s report on addiction in 2017, this New York Times article and this article in Richmond Family Magazine that was the #1 article of all time for that publication. This program reduces drug and alcohol use by targeting personality traits that have shown predisposition for addiction: Hopelessness, Anxiety Sensitivity, Impulse Control and Sensation Seeking. How? By offering personality-targeted coping skills workshops that offer kids the skills for managing their feelings and situations they face.

PreVenture Training

When: Wednesday, April 25,v2018 – Thursday, 26 April 26, 2018 (EST)
Where: Westminister Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia, VA
How much: $600
Who can take it: School counselors, teachers, clinicians, social workers

Thank you to the Coleman Institute for providing coffee and lunch on April 25. We are still looking for a breakfast and lunch sponsor for April 26. That is Charles’ birthday by the way.

The process of getting it here

We had to choose schools, meet with decision makers at schools, get school approval, raise the money for the pilot and set up the training. That’s grossly simplifying the process, of course. But finally, we have a date and I’ve been in tears of joy on several occasions because of that. This training is far less expensive than flying to Canada and it is what it is to cover costs in providing it. There is no profit involved.

If you are a school counselor in the tri cities area of Virginia or just somewhere in Virginia, we may be able to get your training covered if you can’t get your school to cover it. Or at least part of it. We would love to have you introduce this lifesaving training in your school in your part of the state. It is designed for eighth grade and up.

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I am the mother of two boys and the owner of emotionally naked, a site that reached a quarter million people in its first 18 months. I am a writer and professional public speaker on the topics of suicide, addiction, mental illness, and grief and currently working on getting a book published. I lost my youngest son, Charles, 20, to suicide June 5, 2015. As talented and funny as Charles was, letting other people know they matter was his greatest gift. And now the legacy I try and carry forward in my son's memory.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I hope the sessions are well attended, well received and generate a real buzz in the community. Way to go…

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