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Start it at 4:45 or so

Technical glitches at the start so once you hit play, you drag the little circle forward to about 4:45 or so.

I actually “met” Becca Lombardo on Twitter. She, like me, has been a mental health advocate for a long time. Rebecca suffers from bipolar disorder and has written two books on the subject. She and her husband, Joe, host this show to combat the issue of stigma associated with mental illness. I was honored to have been asked to be a guest on the show as a mother of a child who suffered mental illness and died by suicide.

You’ll also love Joe’s compassion and you’ll want to clone him. It’s proof that those with mental illness are worthy of love. Joe adores and respects his wife and you can tell he treasures her deep empathy and compassion–something that is a typical trait of those suffering depression or bipolar and one I see as a gift.

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