What is it like to suffer from addiction?

by Missy S.

From Anne Moss: Missy is a friend from way back. She had surgery and became unwittingly addicted to the pain medication prescribed. There were many years of shame and humiliation and I recall how terrible I felt for her–especially after Charles’ death. I knew her family was suffering and the added shame and gossip made it that much harder. While I didn’t suffer addiction, Charles did, and I felt that judgement by association. She is in recovery. Thanks to the love of her family, who never abandoned her. 

For so many years addiction and depression has been conceived as weakness in moral character. It is truly wonderful that more and more people are starting to see addiction is a disease.

EVERY addict suffers from depression.

No child ever grows up wanting to be an addict but when it happens, you lose your soul. Morally you know what your doing is wrong, but the addict is now someone totally different and will do anything for the next fix. At some point you realize the shame and guilt of who you have become and depression gets much much worse leading you to a downward spiral and the drug becomes the love of your life.

After all, it helps numb the pain and makes you feel good. Dealing with all these issues, knowing how judgmental people are makes you want to isolate. After all, people seem to enjoy gossiping and publicly humiliating the actions of addicts which makes the depression even worse and causes all kinds of negative thoughts and even can make you suicidal.

Many people say they are starting to understand addiction, but until you have walked in an addict’s shoes for even one day and felt the humiliation, you will never understand how bad the felling of hopelessness is.

Who ever came up with the saying sticks and stones can break my bones but word’s will never hurt me was totally Wrong.

So proud of you for getting the word out and sharing Charles’ story. You will be a hero for many who struggle with theses issues and for that I will be ever grateful to you.

Looking at the other side of addiction

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