I need your stories

Your stories help others. And I want to share them.

If you are in recovery, what was your rock bottom? Did you lose custody and how did you feel? How have you been treated? How many funerals of friends have you been to?

If you have lived experience as someone who suffers mental illness, tell us what it’s like to have an invisible illness.

If you have a child or loved one that suffers from a mental illness or addiction or you have lost a loved one, I’d like you to tell your story.

A piece of that story. Something you remember. It can’t be a thousand pages or a timeline. It has to be from the heart. Here are some guidelines. And other guest stories.

Just think about it.

Joshua Giannini leaves video suicide letters of love

2 thoughts on “I need your stories”

  1. Thinking about sharing…Mao hard to choose an episode to zero in on…..sending love. You continue to help others. Incredible.

    1. And that’s the secret. Zeroing in on one thing, one aspect. Once you do that, take the time to do it, there is a sort of cleansing even though the actual exercise is painful. You can tell the whole story but the secret there is to take out the blow by blow detail. That’s what I had to learn. If you need help…..

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