CareTalk event was inspiring

McShin Foundation is starting an event called CareTalks and this one was the second one.  I was invited to speak along with several other great speakers. I talked about the blog. This one.

Tim Alexander took video so the recordings will be up in a couple of weeks. My voice still sounds hoarse from the brain radiation and by the evening it’s a little worse.

Looking at this picture, I’m a little afraid of what the video will look like!

Your stories are important. They are reaching people. People who are hurting and searching on Google find them. So please submit the story of your loved one that died by drug related death or suicide. Tell us what your “rock bottom” was. (I hate that phrase but you know what I mean) Tell me how you’ve coped as a sufferer with lived experience or a parent. Just one aspect or story you remember. Submit a story.

Need a motivational addiction, mental health, suicide prevention speaker? 

It’s not just their recovery. It’s yours, too

4 thoughts on “CareTalk event was inspiring”

  1. I was there. Your love and and inspiration broke through a hoarse voice. Your hoarse voice led me to this page. Thank you.

  2. We’re always our own worst critic, aren’t we? I see a beautiful, dedicated woman speaking about her passion. ❤️ Looking forward to seeing the video.

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