Kelly’s story about her son, Aubrey

Aubrey at wilderness camp

by Kelly

Back in 2016 my 19-year-old son Aubrey who has struggled and started having seizures due to Xanax abuse stopped taking his anti seizure medication because he didn’t like what he had read about it!

Yet, smoking pot, dabs, molly, etc. is OK?

Shortly after that, he convinced us he would take the medication. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t – who knows. But right after that we found him badly impaired and he attacked my husband who had to defend himself and hit him back (not characteristic of my husband at all but Aubrey pushed him down and was on top of him).

My son raged in our home for 4.5 hours until he called the police himself to press charges against my husband. We hoped and prayed he would just go to sleep as we didn’t want to call the police and have him in more legal trouble.

The police came, knew he was messed up because his story kept changing, but mine and my husband’s never did. I guess that plus the previous 3 assault charges he had against me, they realized we were telling the truth and took Aubrey to the ER to get checked out and to find out what he was on.

Blood work showed he had taken, Xanax, smoked pot and drunk alcohol.

Keep in mind that alcohol is strictly prohibited when you are taking anti-seizure medication due to how it can affect the liver. He knew this. The hospital released him and the police took him to jail. He called and called asking and telling us to bail him out and when we said no, he would go off on another verbal attack to us.

He went to rehab last December in 2015 after a similar incident and he went back again. This time they told us they didn’t believe he was truly addicted because he didn’t have cravings or physical withdrawals, etc.

They were supposed to be the experts so he came home after being there for 2 weeks. That was a bad decision.

More legal trouble.

We sent him to a wilderness therapy camp in 2013 for 60 days to the tune of $30k out of pocket.

During that time, I was so scared we were going to have to bury him. I wanted to crawl in a hole, but knew I couldn’t do that.

Aubrey today

Fast forward through a lot more heart ache until finally Aubrey turned his life around.

He finished high school and got a wake county diploma and just finished his first semester at Wake Tech Community College. His plan is to finish there and transfer to a 4 year college.

The funny thing is, he is considering the therapy/psychology path!

Since the last rehab stint in July 2016, he has not smoked pot or taken any pills. And, best of all, his behavior reflects that. We are proud and hopeful.

I wasn’t sure I could ever say that. Since he has been doing better, his younger brother has been giving us a fit. I think we all have PTSD.

I pray he can work through his issues and learn from what we all went through with Aubrey. We do have him in therapy trying to help Aubrey’s brother.

I talk about suicide, addiction and mental illness to try and help stop the stigma for many of us who are dealing with these things.

8 thoughts on “Kelly’s story about her son, Aubrey”

  1. We so appreciate your honesty and rejoice in Aubrey’s newfound path of hope. And we pray for your younger son. Thank you.

  2. Part of your story, Kelly, reminds me of the parallel to Anne Moss’. I am grateful that Aubrey and your family have had a turnaround on this journey and are here to share about it together. Thank you for sharing and advocating.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Through god all things are possible and Aubrey is proof. Will continue too keep all of you in prayer.

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