Two teens will tell their story of depression on Channel 12


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Drew Wilder of Channel 12 asked me if I knew of two teens willing to talk on camera about depression and suicide a couple of months ago. I mentioned the request to these two at the “No Eagle Left Behind” assembly at Godwin High School in March, a club they are part of.

Both of them immediately said, “I want to talk!” I was shocked at how enthusiastic and willing they were. So I sent their numbers and their parent’s numbers to Drew since he would need permission. The parents were overwhelmingly supportive. Again, another surprise.

Charles Shelton, a junior, and Haley Brennan, a senior, are tired of the subject of mental illness being swept under the rug. They are part of the group developed by their principal, Leigh Dunavant who has boldly sponsored this student-led group and won an award from Beacon Tree Foundation for innovation in mental health.

Teens talking means stigma is on it’s way out!

Stay tuned! So proud of these teens for speaking out for the benefit of others. This takes guts. This feature will be on NBC, Channel 12 on May 16 at 5pm (maybe 6pm). The video they did is at the bottom of this post.

Haley Brennan and Charles Shelton of “No Eagle Left Behind”

I felt you with me, Charles Rogers

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