Godwin High School Teens Speak Out!

I have had the honor of visiting with this group, No Eagle Left Behind on several occasions now from Godwin High School in Henrico County. They have explored several programs and have planned an assembly with the school that focuses on mental illness. And they made this video which rocks. I’ll be in there again for the assembly with a teen speaker from Cameron Gallagher Foundation and for an opportunity for me to talk about the #umatter or #umatterchallenge through Beacon Tree Foundation.

Alex Chaffee from Cosby High School has helped me with this program in addition to Haley, Charles and other teens in this video from Godwin. And we practiced some video scripts the last time I was in there. So stay tuned. This group has more to come!

Didn’t I say that the teens would wipe out the stigma of mental illness? They are rockin’ it! Thank you Leigh Dunavant and Susan Mitchell for supporting/sponsoring this group.

Teens wiping out mental health stigma

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