Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real to me that he’s gone

Tattoo in memory of Charles Aubrey Rogers who went by the name Reezin the Revolutionary as an artist

By Daniel Latham

Is am not normally one for long, emotional posts but there’s a lot on my mind when it comes to this. It’s been just over a year and a half since we lost Charles.

Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real to me that he’s gone. Someone with so much life, so many jokes, and so many positive things to offer is just gone. Charles was one of my best friends…I have memories from over the years with him that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

He was the funniest person I had ever met and I’ll never forget his ability to find humor in any situation and light up a room from making people laugh.

When it comes to the tattoo, Charles was so proud of his work when it came to putting music out there and rapping. Anyone who heard him freestyle, listened to the music he produced or simply read his notebook knows how much talent he had.

I got this tattoo not only to honor Charles but also to serve as a reminder to find something that I’m as passionate about in life like Charles was with music.

I know wherever you are right now, you’re putting on one hell of a show. Fly high Reezin’ the Revolutionary.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real to me that he’s gone”

  1. I can’t believe my daughter Kaitlin is gone either. July 12th will be three years. Some days it hits me so hard I can’t breathe.

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