Let’s talk about it: Life after loss of a loved one by suicide or overdose

I have been thinking about doing a Facebook Live event, say 30 minutes on the subject of life after the loss of a loved one who died from a stigmatized illness, specifically addiction or mental illness.

Talking points below. This is my first LIVE event and this is not a presentation, it’s an event where I want to hear from you. How it works is below. I will be limiting this to 30 minutes.

What else are you going to do in one hundred degree weather? (That’s for those on the east coast)


Sunday, July 24 at 6:30pm EST


My Facebook Page

Who is it for?

  • It will be a public
  • Moms and dads of children who died by suicide or overdose. (Child of any age)
  • Relatives of loved ones lost to overdose or suicide
  • Concerned friends and family and anyone who wants to know how to support grieving parents and what to say
  • Other parents of children who are currently struggling with issues (you can watch without commenting if you are afraid your kids will see)
  • Moms and dads of children that died of any cause
  • Anyone who wants to tune in.

How does it work

Basically it’s a live streaming talk on Facebook. I am live and you are typing in comments and questions or merely watching.  You type in your questions or make comments under the video which will be here, on my timeline.

I can read them in real time and can respond or ask other moms and dads out there. Here is an example of a recorded live session that I actually taped online to announce it.

This will be my first event. I have tested it but there may be a dog barking or some other disturbance. We’ll press on. Would appreciate the support of friends and family when I give this a go.

Talking points

  • For the suicide and overdose loss survivors, what are some of the things you have really appreciated in terms of support and help?
  • What would you rather others did not say to you?
  • What comments have meant the most to you?
  • Has the stigma of the death made things more difficult?
  • What have you found awkward?
  • Have you found that others avoid the subject of your child that died? How does that make you feel?
  • For parents struggling still, what questions do you have? Comments?
  • Comments on the time

Now I’m going to hit publish so I commit myself to this.

Click the picture to see the video on Facebook announcing it.

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Author: Anne Moss Rogers

I am the owner of emotionally naked, a site that reached a quarter million people in its first 18 months. I am President of Beacon Tree Foundation, advocates for youth mental health as well as a writer and public speaker on the topics of suicide, addiction, mental illness, and grief. I lost my youngest son, Charles, 20, to suicide June 5, 2015. I was a marketing professional for years prior to losing my son and co-owned a digital marketing firm.

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